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In 1951 M.C. Winfield and his wife, Grace, purchased their first turquoise mine, the Villa Grove Mine, in Colorado.  For more than 30 years following, M.C. would become one of the most famous miners and providers of Turquoise in the United States.  Owning and operating several mines across Colorado, Arizona, and Nevada (including El Frida, Smokey Valley, Carico Lake, Red Mountain, and the world-famous Lone Mountain mine) M.C. provided turquoise of the finest quality and greatest variety in the industry.  He would take loose stones and sell them to local Native American artists and trusted traders who would use them to make beautiful hand-crafted jewelry.

Since then, the Winfield family has continued to provide the finest turquoise and supplies to Native artists.  In turn, they also purchase many of the finished products from these amazing craftsmen.  In 1972, Robert (the son of M.C. and Grace) and his wife, Michelle, founded Winfield Trading Company.  This small 800-square foot trading post, located in the heart of the Zuni and Navajo reservations, became the outlet for them to provide these finished products to retailers and collectors worldwide. 

In 2006 Robert and Michelle’s youngest son, Justin, and his wife, Rebecca, took over operations at Winfield Trading.  They expanded the location in New Mexico to a 6,000 square-foot gallery and for the first time opened their doors to the general public. Since their humble start, Winfield Trading has grown to become one of the largest wholesalers of authentic Native American jewelry in the world.  Their collection of fine Native American jewelry, rugs, pottery, carvings, paintings, baskets and sculpture is purchased directly from the artists and represents the work of over 3,000 artists from six decades. 

Owned and operated by Robert and Michelle’s oldest son, Jason, and his wife, Barbara, Lone Mountain Turquoise Company is a stunning 3,500 square-foot gallery located in the historic artist colony of Tubac, Arizona. Here, the Winfield family offers a unique shopping experience with some of the finest Native Art in the world and the personal touch you’d expect from a family run business.

If you are just discovering Native American jewelry or are a long-time collector, you will be taken in by the quality and variety of art offered at both Winfield Trading Co. and Lone Mountain Turquoise Co. With three generations of knowledge of Native American jewelry, art, turquoise, and trading as well as a treasured love and respect for the Native American artists and their work, a Winfield gallery will be your home for all things that are authentic Native American made.

Jason & Barbara Winfield and their family

Winfield Family